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Infiniti is the original flagship software solution from Intelledox. It is a mobile-ready business process digitalization product that assists organizations to improve customer engagement, drive down operational costs, increase efficiency and reduce the burden of paperwork and red tape.

Product Description

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Infiniti helps digitise paper-based processes, capture data more effectively and automate document generation. Infinti offers more than just replicating manual paper based processes; it optimizes entire business processes to make them faster, smarter and more efficient. Infiniti’s four powerful communication tools (smart forms, line of business integration, data transformation and document automation) helps deliver return on investment in weeks, rather than months or years.

Business is no longer confined to the office, so why should your data be?   Infiniti can be delivered and used on premise, as SaaS (internal or external) or through the cloud (internal or external). Moreover it provides a consistent experience across any medium.

  • Contracts
  • Statements of Advice (SOA)
  • Quotes
  • Proposals

Document Life Cycle Solution

At the crust of it Intellidox Infinit helps business remove manual administrative tasks. Document Automation is the design of systems and workflows that assist in the creation of electronic documents. Intelledox Infiniti’s Document Automation tool is a logic-based system that uses segments of pre-existing text and/or data gathered from different databases to assemble a complex documents such as Contracts, Customer correspondence, Handbooks, and Manuals.

Adaptive Interviews (Smart Forms)

Smart Forms are a user-friendly, public-facing web interface that displays a dynamic question and answer wizard to the user. As the smart web form is dynamic it adjusts the questions based on the user’s responses. Users are presented with a series of intuitive question prompts and are guided by the system to provide necessary information to request a service, submit a claim, make a complaint, or register for a product or service. The smart web forms allows easy collection and the use of data. This allows automation of the information to be used internally via relevant business processes as well as allowing auto creation of documents or forms. Intelledox Smart Web Forms can be deployed externally via a public website, to a selected audience via secure portal, or internally to staff via an intranet.

Smart forms can be fully integrated with back end CRM, document management, collaboration systems, or other corporate application and document repositories.

Document Output

Data transformation allows business users to produce personalized outputs such of relevant documents such as licence renewals, marketing materials, financial proposals and policy documents on time and with improved accuracy.

Intelledox’s data transformation solution allows users to include additional information, calculations and process decisions based on defined criteria.

Automated Business Process

Infiniti business process automation software nurtures and controls complex processes to help streamline their organizations. The solution can generate email messages (with information such as names, carbon copy contacts, configured email body text and HTML) or create  automated documents in formats such as XML, PDF, .DOC, RTF and OpenDoc.


Infiniti easily integrates with CRM and Line of Business systems in your organisation. Using XML engine makes it easy to integrate seamlessly with existing IT business systems. Rather than replace legacy systems that are critical to running business processes, Infiniti enhances these systems with it’s ability to push and pull data from them.

Infiniti software integrates with many technologies including Microsoft CRM, Microsoft SharePoint, DocuSign, Salesforce, TRIM and Changepoint. Moreover it supplements existing CRM by allowing business users and customers to interact with CRM systems more dynamically while automatically populating CRM databases with information from other sources.



On the go

Infiniti GO, the mobile application for Windows, iOS and Android, complements the existing suite of Infiniti browser-based solutions and features full offline capabilities. The online and offline capability allows you to collect and transform data at your own convenience with online/offline capability. Infiniti GO allows users to access existing projects in a device’s native environment.


Infiniti easily attaches metadata to produced documents, making it easier to index, search, retrieve and use content. Moreover the metadata can be applied automatically based on business rules and depending on the content and context of the produced document.

Smart integration

Infiniti works well with other systems. With intergrations into many popular business systems (such as ERP & CRM) you can use Infiniti’s powerful features to make other systems work better for your business.

For example Infiniti can retrieve and store data from a variety of  systems and use this to generate bulk or ad-hoc documents. It could also take raw data and transform it into meaningful information or outputs.

Design Control

Documents created using Infiniti are future – proof. They are version independent and retrievable at any point in time. Template design and maintenance do not require IT specialists, which can significantly reduce staffing costs

Scalable solution

Infiniti’s engine can produce more than 200,000 documents per hour with fully audit-able statistical and exception reporting. Being able to handle multi-step logic sets, conditional questions and data integration from line-of-business systems it enables non-technical users to design documents, define the rules for how the documents are to be generated, and specify the distribution channel.


Infiniti ensures your sensitive data is secure without compromising on performance. It partners with data security specialists Redcore and Covata to provide two-factor authentication and ensure that sensitive data is not stored on untrusted mobile devices.

Infiniti is trusted by banks, government departments financial, insurance organizations and other major corporations where security is crucial to business processes.

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