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FileBound is a Document Management Software Solution that lets your business find, control, optimize, and protect information from various sources. These could include paper files, archival box storage, document images, digital application files, computer print files, emails, faxes, web site input, and other.

With FileBound you can streamline business processes with a workflow module; control, manage, and distribute documents easily; integrate electronic form capabilities to reduce further paper burden on your business, and so much more.

Product Description

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FileBound Document Management Solution lets users store all of critical business content – scanned images, MS Office documents, audio/video files, email and more – in a secure centralised repository.

Document Sharing: Once documents are in FileBound, they can be shared with other employees, protected against viewing by unauthorised users, accessed via a simple search and organised to reflect the way employees work.

Document Management Solution

FileBound Software solution provides the following:

  • Electronic forms capability that can be used to collect data from internal users or external customers
  • Flexible licensing options to affordably fit any usage scenario, making FileBound a practical solution for a truly enterprise content strategy
  • The capability to capture virtually any kind of document or content through multiple means, including drag-and drop from the desktop and TIFF printing, and extract data from structured forms
  • The ability to perform granular metadata searches for specific documents, search across the entire document repository or view related documents with a single click
  • Easy to configure user rules and security settings to balance access with privacy and compliance


An integration kit comes with FileBound that can be used to connect documents and data to other enterprise systems to help with your document management.


Mobility provided through Filebound lets you use the enterprise software at convenience, helping you reduce delays and inefficiencies, accelerating the ROI.

Workflow Management

The FileBound workflow module automates business processes by allowing of collaboration and assignment of tasks. Helping you reduce time and costs by removing manual activity, automating the distribution of work or tasks,  creating transparency on responsibility, and promoting accountability are some of the clear benefits of having a workflow management tool.

FileBound comes with complete reporting and audit trail.

Documents can enter a workflow either as a result of scanning the document, importing of application documents, the creation of an electronic form or through manual assignment. The value of workflow is that rules, roles, and deadlines are configured once and then automatically applied repeatedly. This takes the human element out of the decision making process which reduces errors and collapses the time it takes to process documents.




Mobile Document Management Solution

FileBound provides complete mobile access so users have the freedom to work however they choose. FileBound can be accessed through a standard browser or by downloading a dedicated app.

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Records Management Solution

FileBound offers organisations the ability to manage the retention and disposition of records. Using FileBound Records Management, organisations can identify which documents need to be managed as records and create specific retention schedules and rules to accommodate practically any requirement. You could even impose legal holds from within the intuitive FileBound interface for compliance purposes.

FileBound Records Management complements the document and workflow automation capabilities of FileBound

On the cloud

FileBound Cloud allows the same advantages of a complete document and work management solution without the upfront capital investment of an installed solution. You get the same benefits of a unified, scalable solution without the high costs, risks and complexity normally associated with document management software. With an intuitive web interface, this low cost solution is simple to learn and use.

Streamlined Document Management

FileBound allows you to quickly apply document management technology to your business functions such as an accounts payable processes to gain control and add automation for cost savings, quality management and scalability. FileBound is designed to be an end-to-end solution that maximises results. By capturing documents at the beginning of their life cycle you eliminate many of the challenges associated with managing paper documents. Captured documents enter an automated workflow for all of the approval decision making and conflict resolution processing.

On the cloud

Track the location of paper files. Record check in-check out activity, perform physical audits, notify users of pending requests and manage requests for files stored off-site.

Scan paper documents in order to create digital images. Index the images using OCR, barcode recognition or data entry.

Store any digital file seamlessly in a system folder along with paper locations, microfilm locations, scanned paper documents and system generated electronic forms.

Retrieve any record by a database query that points to all the associated information for that record.

Reproduce the information stored for any record via printers, fax, e-mail or self-executable CD.

Generate and manage Electronic Forms to eliminate the cost of preprinted forms and automate the filing process.

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Extra pay add-on modules

Auto Import, Auto Index, Automatic OCR, File Retention, Merge Files, OCR Files, Workflow

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Audit Log


Automatic Backup

Enterprise Only, Yes



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Indexing Files and Folders


Integration Tools

Active Directory (Enterprise Only), Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, Outlook), Software Development Kit, Virtual PDF





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Version Control

Enterprise Only, Yes


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