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Create documents and workflows, distribute and control document versions, file and archive documents, and store them in a safe and protected environment with an ELO Electronic Document Management System.

The ELO product portfolio meets all the requirements of modern Electronic Document Management Systems and provides an ideal platform for efficient knowledge and information management. The modular client/server solution ELOprofessional is intended for use by small to medium sized businesses. ELOenterprise is the flagship solution of the ELO product family. ELOenterprise’s broad spectrum of configuration options makes the platform ideal for use in large companies.


Product Description

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As we enter the age of digital transformation, managing processes, documents and information needs to become simple and seamless. As such ELO offers a flexible solution to allow for your business to take on complete and complex document, information and process management requirements. More importantly it is a necessary building block that integrates with other applications and ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) to allow you to truly transform your organisation into an efficient digital business.

Seamless integration

ELO offers seamless integration into Microsft Word, Microsoft Outlook, SAP, Microsoft Sharepoint, Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX, Sage Office Line , and many other environments.

The modular solution allows you to take complete control and tailor an exact solution for your business needs.

Flexible document management solution

Available as:

  • ELO Office
  • ELO Professional
  • ELO Enterprise

Work Simplified

ELO performs a significant reduction of processing times and through put of documents such as invoices. In the case of invoices, incoming invoices and receipts are automatically recorded and forwarded to the relevant department or individual. Necessary data is extracted from the invoice and is validated.

By integrating into ERP systems many processes can be automated. If required, an invoice could be processed completely without human intervention if a purchase order has already been created.

ELOs Workflow Module allows for efficient control of your processes while allowing you to quickly define, incorporate and process transaction based forms quickly. ELOs workflow module comes complete with the ability to define business rules for each process which in turns allows for complete automation of desired processes. The graphical interface for ELO makes it easy to view status of each process and monitor for any disruptions.

ELO Document Mangement functions are seamlessly integrated into existing Office applications. Users do not need to install a new client and spend time learning how to use it. Whether it’s Microsoft Word, Powerpoint, Excel or other users can simply work in the usual way in their preferred application.

Users can open and save documents in the usual manner. Instead of being saved on a local hard drive or on the file server in the company’s network, documents are securely saved and protected in the central repository. High-performance functions such as document check-in and check-out as well as version history are provided to the user directly within Microsoft Word.




On the go

ELO provides extensive mobility of its solution whilst retaining security as a primary focus. That means you can access your data, your documents and control your workflow tasks on the go. By allowing you to access the ELO interface via your smartphone and tablet, users can login securely to access relevant information, documentation, as well as add annotations, and process workflow tasks.

ELO can be used on almost all popular smartphones and tablet PCs via an intelligent software component. In this line, there are specialized apps for the Apple iPhone, Apple iPad and also for Android devices that you can download for free directly from the App Store or Google Play.

Manage Communications

The ELO ECM solutions provide all necessary functions for comprehensive e-mail lifecycle management (ELM) to provide secure, transparent and compliant business processes. This includes the option for legally compliant storage and high-performance e-mail process management. All e-mails, from creation through to removal, are processed, archived and managed in coordination with process links and pursuant to legal regulations.

ELO allows for the combination of two e-mail archiving strategies, client- or server-based. Users can also access archived documents and data at any time from the e-mail system via efficient access tools.

The direct integration of the ELO functionality is available for both the Microsoft Outlook/Exchange and the IBM Notes environments.

Manage Contracts

ELO allows for rules-based access management of contracts, offering contract-specific rules, application of approval process, strict access controls, version control, and all on various document types (Word, PDF, TIF, JPG etc). ELO makes it easy for you to manage your contracts by allowing for simple rules definition, process definition, and automatic reminders.

Manage Documents

Documents can be displayed directly from within Microsoft Word in a user-friendly manner by viewing and navigating the archive structure from within the applicaiton. Alternatively, users can search the complete archive using the new ELO iSearch components to display the results or the relevant documents. This means that users do not need to leave their familiar environment and can therefore concentrate on their most important tasks.

ELO Clients

ELO full client is accessed through a highly flexible user interface, allowing users to change preference of viewing to suit their style. Comprehensive customization options and extensions make it possible to specifically use the ELO full client as an expert application for customer management, contract management, incoming invoice management, and other workflow tasks.

The ELO Web Client allows users to work with the ELO system without a client installation for viewing documents, versioning them, approving them, submitting intelligent searches, essentially providing any information in ELO independent of a PC.


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